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Folkestone – Kent


Spiralling London property prices mean that many workers now commute to London. Travelling from satellite towns like Folkestone mean that housing affordability is achievable. However, towns like Folkestone are scenic and historic places for Londoners to live.


Folkestone-A Historic Town

The town of Folkestone first caught attention in the 7th century, when Eanswith, granddaughter of Ethelberht of Kent founded a nunnery. However, its value came hundreds of years later, when, a seaport was established in the 13th century, and, hundreds of years later again, when in the 19th century, a harbor was developed as a defence against the French.

Although Folkestone is not a massive population centre, its foundation was now firm and secure. Additional infrastructure was laid in 1843, when the railway system arrived, making Folkestone an integral part of London society.

This integration into the periodic culture can be seen by the many four or five storey properties that line the streets, and, which now serve as flats for commuters and locals alike.




Folkestone – A Wartime Role




One of the more acclaimed tourist spots in Folkestone is what has been named “The Memorial Arch”. According to historical records, an estimated ten million soldiers marched down to the harbour through the town. These soldiers would then be transported to the trenches of World War 1 and many of whom would never return.

When visiting Folkestone, it is common to see poppies along the seafront marking local acknowledgements to those who were sacrificed on the altar of war.

Folkestone – A Beautiful Place



The great thing about visiting Folkestone is that the big city conveniences are here, however, the hectic traffic and congestion are not. Its position, lying alongside the English Channel means that it is both cooler and milder than the extremes experienced in more inland locations, such as the capital.


Other great things to consider when planning a visit to the UK are the close proximity of Folkestone to the Channel Tunnel, it’s easy access to the capital, and, self designation as “gateway to the countryside”.

Folkestone – Where Is It?



Folkestone is in a great location, being an hour or so from London and about an hour from the English Channel crossing, or Chunnel.

Officially, the town is in the English Channel, albeit near the boundary with the North Sea. I found that even though it is in the Channel, its close proximity to the North Sea can be felt since it is often much cooler than London, at least in summer when sea breezes off the cool water reduce the air temperature considerably.

Despite this, I found the area to have considerable charm, with its combination of historic buildings, rich history and lengthy beaches. Give Folkestone a visit, you are sure to be impressed!



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