Enfield Middlesex

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Enfield Middlesex

One of the great areas that I have had the pleasure of spending time in is Enfield Middlesex.

This lovely, bustling town, about 11 miles north of the city is nestled on the edge of the ‘green belt’, and is a blend of city and rural life.



Enfield Middlesex- Parks and Pubs

Within just a mile or so of the town centre, great rural areas exist where you can get away from the noise and bustle of traffic, people and pollution.

I highly recommend going to ‘Hilly Fields’, ‘White Webbs’ and ‘Trent Park’. These leafy parks are only a short distance from the houses and apartments where most people live, however they allow a slice of tranquility and escapism where sanity can be restored after a day of working in the city.

Being so close to accomodation means that, since the sun sets at 10pm in summer, the parks can be accessed even during the working week when busy schedules threaten to derail our sanity at a moments’ notice.


Enfield Middlesex Cost of Living

The town of Enfield is a simple, straight rail connection to the city of London. Stations such as Gordon Hll, Cockfosters and the like, mean that the town is a vital commuter belt stop for many city workers.

In addition, roads such as The North Circular, The M25, and The A10 allow easy, if somewhat crowded connection to other towns and the city. For these reasons, rent and property sale prices in Enfield Middlesex are quite high. Rents, for instance, are often upwards of 700 pounds a month, and, to get in the property ladder will often mean getting a mortgage of upwards of 650,000 pounds, which is about $1.1 million AUD.


Despite the outlay needed to find somewhere to have a roof over one’s head, food prices are surprisingly affordable. Our full, cooked, breakfast of bacon, sausages, eggs, beans and toast set us back only 6.50 pounds, which is about $11-12. In addition, bread, milk and eggs were equal to, or less in price than similar products in Australian supermarkets.

What To Do in Enfield Middlesex


One of the great things I look forward to when visiting Enfield are the fantastic, family friendly pubs that are located throughout the town.

For me, personally, The Hop Poles, located on the corner of Baker Street and Lancaster Road is a great place to watch a football match whilst enjoying a cold beverage! Other local pubs offer a more rustic charm, appearing to have changed little over the last few hundred years.

If alcohol is not a passion, the sports are well catered for here. The Enfield Cricket Club, located near the town centre offers pristine pitches, great history, and boasts players, and, or, visitors such as former England captain Mike Gatting.

Other sports catered for include lawn tennis and gym facilities such as found at the David Lloyds club, and, don’t forget that Enfield is not a million miles away from the Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur grounds, meaning that attending a top Premier League match is a real option for an exciting weekend afternoon.

What Will The Weather Be Like?

For me , personally, I love the seasons that Enfield Middlesex offers. The winter is cold, bit often not ice or snow bound. Spring here is a delight, with trees and flowers bursting forth, and, summers are warm but not unbearable.

As with most places in the UK, it can rain quite a bit here, however, recent years have seen a lot more fine and sunny spells than there were perhaps in times past.


Average temps here range from about 25 degrees in July, to about 5 degrees in January.

Enfield Is a great place. I had the pleasure of living here for about 8 years and absolutely adore it’s ¬†charm and lifestyle. My aim is to set aside some of my window cleaning Perth prices and visit again…you should to Our!




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