Chelsea Football Club

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Chelsea Football Club

One of the greatest London football teams of recent years has been Chelsea Football Club…But how much do you know about them?


At Window Cleaning Subiaco we are Arsenal fans, there I said it! So, why am I writing about Chelsea? There is no doubt that up until this year 2018, Arsenal stagnated whilst Chelsea flourished under managers like Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte. Chelsea has become synonymous with success, money and fame. Whilst I believe that Arsenal’s time will come, Football in London could not be mentioned while the name Chelsea was withheld. In addition, the fact that Chelsea currently have beloved ex-Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud on the books, means that all fans from Arsenal will have at least one eye on the Blues!

Chelsea Football Club – A Brief History

Stamford Bridge, the home of Chelsea F.C. was bought by Gus Mears in 1904 whilst it was an athletics stadium. Various talk about it becoming the domain of Fulham ensued, and other clubs too, I might add, however on 10 March 1905, Chelsea was founded. Now, guess where this event occurred? Where else in London than in the pub! This pub was known then as the ‘Rising Sun’, but is now known as ‘the Butcher’s Hook’.

It has to be said that Chelsea were not an overnight success, spending time in both of the top divisions. They did reach the F.A. Cup final in 1915 but lost that, however, greater success would come some decades later.

One of the more notable points from Chelsea Football Club history is when Ted Drake took over as manager in 1952. The influence that he had was not so much in the way of success, despite his winning the league in 1954-55, but, rather in the way he removed alot of the outdated things with which Chelsea were associated, and modernized the club.

Whilst Ted had a big influence in the 1950’s, the performances were not stellar by and large, and he was sacked in 1961.

Then, the club went from a manager who modernized to the next stage of development, a manager who could bring success. This manager took the form of legendary Tommy Docherty, who challenged for titles right through the 1960’s. Docherty was eventually followed by Dave Sexton who led the blues to an F.A.Cup win in 1970 and a UEFA cup winners cup the following year.

We might have thought, that, at this point Chelsea were now legends in the making, however during the latter part of the 1970’s and 1980’s Chelsea crashed. A redevelopment of their ground caused financial stress, and Chelsea were also relegated into Division 2(and, nearly division 3).

New manager John Neal turned Chelsea’s fortunes around with promotion from the second division in 1983-84, however, they were again relegated in 1988. This time however, there would be no long period down, because they were promoted again the following year.

Chelsea were still not world beaters at this time, and it wasn’t until their modern history began with the appointment of Ruud Gullit that success started flowing their way. Vialli, Ranieri and others have been able to build on this foundation, and Chelsea Football Club has now become the stuff of legends.

Probably the biggest factor in Chelsea’s modern future was the sale of the club to Roman Abramovich in June of 2003 for 140 million pounds. This has probably been the biggest contributing factor in recent times, because, despite the oversight of great managers, there seems to have been a revolving door of manager appointments in recent years, including Mourinho, twice.

Yes, Chelsea have become a world class team, but it wasn’t always this way. Imagine what they could do if they got(and kept) a world class manager for any length of time!


FYI: Chelsea Football Club can be accessed via Fulham Road, the A304

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