Folkestone – Kent


Spiralling London property prices mean that many workers now commute to London. Travelling from satellite towns like Folkestone mean that housing affordability is achievable. However, towns like Folkestone are scenic and historic places for Londoners to live.

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Tower of London


The Tower of London – A Modern Landmark and Ancient Landmark

A visit to central London is not complete without a visit to The Tower of London. This landmark officially goes by the name “Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London“.

The Tower of London is something that could not be conceivably be done today, and wouldn’t be at all necessary, the building of a castle in the middle of the bustling city of London. How did it come to be here?

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Wimbledon – The Championships


Wimbledon – The Championships


As July nears each year, our attention turns to a small part of England. The eyes of the world are focused on a place where history meets the present, where the elite of the world’s tennis community gather for a highlight of the sporting calendar. We call this event: Wimbledon – The Championships. Are we, though, aware of it’s history?

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London Eye


The London Eye

One of the most colourful, impressive and best ways to see the city of London is from the ‘London Eye’.

An imposing construction in the landscape of the city, the London Eye is a must see for all those who would like a better view of this beautiful city. However, we might wonder, how did this feature come to be here?

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Why London?


Why London?


It can be cold, miserable, grey, chaotic, expensive, noisy and polluted, so why London? What could possibly be so very great about this heavily populated city? Ask any of the locals, and they will tell you that they would much rather live in Ibiza, Marbella or Australia. Yet, London has a charm that is very rare to find. London has an appeal that cannot be quantified. London has a location within easy reach of so many other great cities, and, London has a history that has never really been buried. Yes, London is not a stereotypical ‘beautiful’ place to live, however, you can leave London but London will never leave your heart.

Why London – History

Whether you cross Tower Bridge, visit Buckingham Palace, or even visit the fantastic museums there, London is steeped in history. Whilst creature comforts demand the latest technology, architectural designs or comfortable transport systems, London offers something that has been lost to most countries, the ever present reminder that history breeds culture, and London has culture in bucket loads!

Whether you encounter the cockney slang of city folk, the pin striped suits of the old fashioned bankers, or the tube stations that have changed little over the decades, London has never lost touch with it’s roots or culture.

As one example, in the London suburb of Enfield, there is a green(little park with only grass) alongside Chase Side. This park has never been developed or built upon. Why? The story is that victims of the plague, a historical event that shaped the city many centuries earlier, are buried under that park. Stories like this are everywhere in London. London is a place where tudor houses still adorn it’s outer suburbs, where pubs still serve delightful counter meals, where football is  an ever present distraction from the drudgery of the working week.

Why London? Visit this historic, fascinating city and find your own reasons….there are unlimited opportunities to do so! I hope you will do what I am going to do, visit London asap! Hopefully you won’t have to come from Perth like I have to!!